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big church made small

Our desire is for everyone who attends Revive Christian Church to find lasting community here. Our ReGroups are a place where Sunday gatherings are made small—by allowing you to meet people to connect with and form real relationships.

Our ReGroups meet on different days at different times and study unique topics—and each group serves in ways that are meaningful to them.

ReGroups are an essential part of the life of our House—small groups of people meeting together regularly for spiritual growth, fellowship and service. These groups are intentionally designed to not only give everyone at Revive Christian Church a place to belong and be cared for, but also a place to be encouraged and strengthened in their journey with Jesus.

For those over 18 years old, being a part of a ReGroup is a great chance to meet people, build community and develop lasting relationships with others you can do life with.


Mondays // 6:30pm // Central Bismarck ReGroup

Rafael & Tabitha Caudillo's

Contact for more info + address


Rafael + Tabitha Caudillo


We LOVE community. We believe we were made for it, and there is something special about finding friends in your corner of the world that feel like family. People to come around you, to celebrate life's greatest victories, and also carry you through some of the heaviest seasons you encounter. That's what we've found at ReGroup. We've found belonging, we've found family, and we want you to find it too. We can't wait to meet you!

Our family has lived in Bismarck for 7 years. Rafael is one of the Pastors of Revive Christian Church and Tabitha is the Front Porch Team Lead and co-leads The WELL, a gathering for the women of Bismarck. We can't wait to meet you.


One thing we LOVE about our ReGroup is that it represents the diversity of life stages well. We have a diverse group of all ages, ranging from college-age students, young/middle age singles and families. So if it's your first are not alone. We are excited to meet you and looking forward to building a community together.

No matter your age, stage, or geographical location, our ReGroup is the place for you!


Parking at our ReGroup will be a breeze! Contact Rafael + Tabitha here for more info and their address. The amazing members of our ReGroup take turns in providing some great snacks and refreshments. There will be time for casual conversation, as well as a time when we lean in for more in-depth connecting.

Tuesdays // 6:30pm // Women's ReGroup

Jana Jenkins'

Contact for more info + address


Jana Jenkins


What starts as a seed in the soil—with a healthy amount of tender love and care—blooms into something beautiful for the whole world to see! Ready to BLOOM where you're planted, girls?

We have the privilege of journeying through womanhood . . . together. This is not about selling you on yet another thing to add to your schedule - this is about deepening, enriching, and spurring on your relationship with Jesus!

The heart of The WELL has always been to see women firmly rooted in Jesus + the living Word of God. We believe the way we live matters, and that we are all called to influence the way others live, as well.

Ladies, would you join us on the journey as we launch a new season for the women of our House?


Sorry, men . . . ladies only!


Parking at our ReGroup will be a breeze! Contact Jana Jenkins here for more info and her address. There will be time for casual conversation, as well as a time when we lean in for more in-depth connecting.

Wednesdays // 6:00am // Men's ReGroup

Plain View Design

601 North 5th Street, Bismarck


Michael Kindel


Our ReGroup gathers men to seek after God’s own heart, fixing our eyes on Jesus as we fight the fight, run the race and keep the faith. We want to be men who contend for what matters most. However, most of us realize that we aren't going to fulfill our God-designed destiny alone. That's why we invite all men to join us as we meet together to spur one another on as fight in four arenas:

  1. We want to fight for our walk with God. Today, there is hope for every one of us. We want to take a step towards God, not letting any distraction divert our focus from that mission. "The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart" (1 Samuel 13:14).
  2. We want to fight for our heart and character. We may not often hear the words "man" and "heart" connected in the same sentence, but they are intimately connected. To be a man after God's own heart means protecting yours. We know that we are under attack from an enemy that would like nothing more than to take us out by twisting our hearts to long for other things apart from The Lord. So we FIGHT for our character. "A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold" (Proverbs 22:1).
  3. We want to fight for our family (and future family). Our families desperately need our presence. No matter what your current family looks like, this is the perfect time to start fighting for and contending for your present or future family. "But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children's children," (Psalm 103:17).
  4. We want to fight for our brother. We can go fast alone, or we can go far together. We believe in the latter. We believe that we have a long and important race to run, one with moments and obstacles where we will need to lean on one another, and be leaned on ourselves. "And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

We believe that every man can take the next step in their journey towards becoming mature in their faith.

While we have different backgrounds and stories, there is hope for every one of us. We know that we can go fast on our own, but if we want to go far and keep the faith, we need to go together.


Sorry ladies . . . men only!


Parking at our ReGroup will be a breeze! Contact Michael Kindel here for more info. There will be time for casual conversation, as well as a time when we lean in for more in-depth connecting.

Saturdays // 9:00am // Front Porch Book Club

Eagles (Universal) Park

100 14th Street Northeast, Mandan


David Witham + David Jenkins


The book we are currently discussing is Strong Towns by Charles L. Marohn Jr. More information on the Strong Towns Movement can be found at


The Front Porch Book Club is open to any and all, men and women alike.


Eagles (Universal) Park is child-friendly, so please feel free to bring your children along to play, give your spouse a break, drink some coffee, and put some thought into what it could look like to be a Front Porch People in a stronger community. Strong Towns can be ordered on Amazon. In addition to discussing books, we will also discuss podcasts. For more information on the Front Porch Book Club, please contact David Witham here.



It’s more important than ever to fight for community, even while we’re all practicing social distancing. That’s why we’ll be meeting as ReGroups using Zoom calls! Below you’ll find some instructions on how to use Zoom. We look forward to seeing you there!


ReGroups meet at various times throughout the week. See above for more info regarding specific ReGroups.


Unfortunately, not all ReGroups can accommodate children during their gathering. We encourage you to find childcare for your children so that you can engage with others there and be fully focused and able to participate in the discussions.


During ReGroup, you can expect to meet others attending Revive Christian Church who live or work in your neighborhood. There will be time to build community and lasting relationships, while being encouraged in your walk with Jesus.